Minn-Dak Yeast Company was formed in 1989 by Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative (MDFC), a diversified agricultural organization based in Wahpeton, North Dakota. The stockholders of MDFC produce sugar beets on farms in a nine-county area in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The yeast plant is a diversification project for MDFC's stockholders, part of a larger strategy to add value to its production of the by-products beet molasses and beet pulp.

The yeast plant started production of the Dakota Bakers Yeast brand on August 17, 1990, and chose to market and sell it’s yeast products through strategic partnerships with other companies with expertise in these areas.


In May 2006, Minn-Dak formed a long-term alliance with National Yeast LLC to manage the marketing and sales functions and to provide commercial and technical support to Minn-Dak.










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Minn-Dak Yeast Company
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